Lip augmentation • From £250

Cheek enhancement • From £400

Chin and jaw contouring • From £300

Tear trough treatment • COMING SOON

Prices discussed in consultation with your Nurse Practitioner.


Anti-wrinkle injections effectively eradicate fine lines and wrinkles, creating a younger looking complexion.

One area • £180

Two areas • £240

Three areas • £300

Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) • £500

Additional areas • £50


Profhilo® is an exclusive skin remodelling treatment that will give you visible results in just 2 visits.  This revolutionary new treatment to rival dermal fillers takes just 10 minutes, with 5 injection points into your area of concern.  It stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin due to the slow release of hyaluronic acid, and it is this stimulation that results in significant improvement of tissue quality.

To achieve the best long-lasting results, two treatments are recommended with a four-week interval. Some people may see the results within first week, but the best outcomes of the treatment will be visible four weeks after the second treatment.

Areas to be treated

Full Face • Neck • Décolletage • Upper Arms • Hands

£250 per treatment

INTRAVITA Intravenous Nutrition Therapy

Recharge, Revitalise and Rejuvenate in our Drip Clinic.

 Achieve optimum health...  A state of physical, mental and emotional wellness.  IV Vitamin Therapy is a scientifically proven treatment with multiple benefits: enhance your immunity, boost energy levels and athletic performance, slow the ageing process and improve your general well-being.  It is much more effective than oral supplements, with 100% absorption for fast delivery and fast effects. 


Age Defiance • £225

Athlete Sport • £199

Detox Fat Burning • £199

ATP Energiser  • £199

Immuno Booster • £199

Mood Support • £199

Wellness Protocol • £175


B12 • £59

Glutathione • £59


A refundable £50 deposit is required on booking for all aesthetic treatments.  If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours before your booking.  Less than 24 hours notice will result in the loss of your deposit.